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You’ve heard of Black Beauty and Seabiscuit, well now here’s an epic equine story with a twist!

Re-discovered in Finland in 2002, the hobbyhorse is now a cherished sports accessory for some 10,000 enthusiasts across that country. The goal is simple: to replicate equestrian events (dressage, showjumping, etc.) by riding not a horse but a stick adorned with the lovely pretend head of a trusty nag.



Don’t be fooled by appearances: there are places where this is considered a very serious pursuit!

In Finland the sport is practiced mainly by devoted young girls, who find it almost therapeutic.  The biggest competition is held annually in Helsinki and attracts hundreds of spectators!



In fact it is more than a sport, it is a collective state of mind!

The hobbyhorse can be found all over the world and transcends sport: fashion lovers have got involved to help kit out the splendid creatures, adding to the beauty and bonhomie. For the last few months Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs have taken this enthusiasm very seriously, even presenting Prince Willian with a hobbyhorse when he visited the country in 2017! Here is the official online home of Finland’s hobbyhorsing craze (featuring several tutorials):